Top 10 GTA Easter Eggs

8. Hidden Message From Programmers
(Grand Theft Auto III)

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First you’ll need to be in Staunton Island. In the parking lot across the street from Donald Loves condo. The one that you did the mission “Kingdom Come”. Go to the back of the parking lot, next to the dumpster. use a large car (Patriot, Rhino etc…) and park it next to the dumpster.jump onto the car, then the dumpster, then over the wall.
When you are over the wall, walk to your left. on the back of the wall behind a ramp will be a message from the programmers saying
“You weren’t supposed to be able to get here, ya know”.

7. The Heart of Liberty City
(Grand Theft Auto IV)


The Heart of Liberty City is located inside the Statue of Happiness.
While playing GTA IV players can find a gigantic beating heart inside of the Statue of Happiness on Happiness Island. The heart is held up with chains and there appears to be arteries and veins leading from the Heart to the statues exterior.

6. The Infinity Mystery
(Grand Theft Auto V)

the infinity mystery

Probably the most elaborate Grand Theft Auto 5 Easter Egg is the mysterious history and actions of Merle Abrahams, a serial killer in the game. Although players never get to meet or see Abrahams, his activities are well documented around San Andreas and players can follow the clues to learn about the murders Abrahams committed.

The Easter Egg turns into a scavenger hunt as players visit Abrahams’ home, the prison, and eventually the watery grave of the killer’s victims. While the story is disturbing, the discovery is a fun adventure and welcome distraction for those who have spent a lot of time running around San Andreas.