Top 10 GTA Easter Eggs

5. RIP Opposition
(Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

RIP opposition

In what appears to be a memorial for war casualties, there is a particular gravestone that emphasizes and frames what Rockstar Games thinks of itself, and what the company thinks about their business competition. It is almost as if Rockstar Games is making it very clear that they know that similar games to the Grand Theft Auto franchise such as Driver andTrue Crime will get buried beneath their own games. You can’t be too mad, though, considering that this is how a true rock star would view their competition, right? Plus, the numbers don’t lie. The Grand Theft Auto franchise is one of the top selling, top grossing franchises in the video game industry and to this date, there is very little competition to be had.

4. Party On
(Grand Theft Auto IV)

party on

Easy come, easy go. What do Wayne’s World and Grand Theft Auto have in common? At first glance, you wouldn’t think that there is any overlap, but Grand Theft Auto begs to differ. In an appropriate nod to the veritable classic Wayne’s World, Rockstar includes an Easter egg in their “The Lost And The Damned” downloadable content in the form of a vehicle that they, for copyright purposes, have called the Rhapsody. You know, like Bohemian Rhapsody? As if this weren’t enough of a nod to the iconic movie scene that caused millions of neck injuries due to headbanging, there is another tidbit that completes the devoted nod. If you look through the back window of the Rhapsody, you can see a photo on the dashboard of some very familiar rockers.

3. Aliens and the Mystery of Mount Chiliad
(Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas)

alieans mount chillad

Hitch a ride on the cable car service up to the top of Mount Chiliad (read: fly up in a helicopter, parachute out, guns blazing) and the player is presented with a cryptic map that continues to baffle even the greatest GTA detectives.

There has been plenty of speculation to what the various markers dotted across the possible Illuminati-inspired drawing mean, including: unlocking an accessible, flying UFO, and a certain Carl ‘CJ’ Johnson’s best friend, GTA: San Andreas’s jetpack.

By combining the drawing with the San Andreas map, players have deciphered that key icons lead to various UFO locations, although some icons have yet to be deciphered.