Top 10 Best First Person Shooter Games of All Time!

5. Call of Duty 

Year of Release: 2003

This is the one that started it all. Before examining the fictional world of Middle Eastern terrorism and CIA mind control, the Call of Duty series was firmly established as the premier World War 2 franchise. The first Call of Duty reinvented the genre through its introduction of in-squad warfare, surrounding you with actual teammates instead of forcing you to go at it alone as in games like Medal of Honor. Aside from building Activision’s complimentary yacht/mansion program for executives, it was the first WWII title that let you see the war from the eyes of British and Soviet troops.

4. Half-Life 2 

Year of Release: 2004

All the same, Gordon Freeman’s return to Black Mesa was a cultural milestone as far as video games, not just shooters, went. 39 Game of the Year awards and several Game of the Decade nods stamped the title as a permanently revered game. The physics-defying gravity gun being one of the most memorable elements of Valve’s baby. It allowed Valve developers to implement puzzle aspects into the shooter’s action sequences (as well as bisect headcrab zombies with circular saw blades), adding yet another level of entertainment to an already nearly spotless series.

3. Halo 2

Year of Release: 2004


Halo may have been a revolution for Xbox players, but Halo 2 took the designs and concepts and mastered them to make what still stands as the best Halo multiplayer today. The addition of dual-wielding added depth to the weapon pool, and signature maps like Headlong and Containment became as eponymous as Blood Gulch. This was the refinement of the plan, one that led to many late nights and LAN parties for years to come, and one of the defining titles of the original Xbox’s run.—Eric Van Allen

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