10 Best mobile games of all time

Who doesn’t like to play games?
And what can be more handy dandy than having something in your pocket to pass your time. Games are the best ways to keep ourselves busy and “Occupied” unless the people around us are sick of us, playing that game 24*7. After all, they are so addictive. And also in our(addictive gamer’s) defense, playing mobile games, gives a good exercise to our thumb and fingers. 😛

Take a decade old phone like Nokia classics or take the latest one, people always managed to keep one or two games in their cell phones. From an 8 year old to 60 year elder, everyone enjoys playing one game or the other. So, from the old school to the new gen, super sensor ones, we have listed out top 10 mobile phone games of all times.

10. Snake

If you were born in 80’s or 90’s, you surely haven’t missed out this one. Who doesn’t love this game, after all it was the only game in those classic phones. Only way of entertainment in our mobile phones.
The game consists of a dot which the player has to merge with other dots in the play area. It thereby forms a snake like long slimy thing. The end point of the game comes when the mouth of the snake, that is, first dot touches any other dot than the new one.

A single game in those black and white handsets, gave such happiness which cannot be replaced by playing any game of this gen on our high tech gadgets. Thus, we couldn’t afford to miss from our list and this explains it’s place on number 1 too. It’s not just a game, it’s a memory for every kid/elder of 80-90’s. It’s nostalgic.

9. Bounce

Bounce classic game will bring you back old memories. This was only found in Nokia phones.
The player controls a red bouncing ball through 11 levels. Player has to avoid obstacles and collect all the rings to get to the next level. Collecting crystals, gained extra points, while crystal balls give an extra life. Jumping on rubber floors give extra Bounce.

This was played everywhere and every time.
Being one of the most popular mobile classic games, it is on our list.

8. Fruit Ninja

Two things: swipe and dice, yes just two actions will let you through all the levels of the game. This is about as simple as gameplay gets, requiring you to swipe at the screen at the correct time to chop the ever-living crap out of as much flying fruit as you can. But there’s obviously a twist, that is we can’t dice the bombs that fall in midst of the juicy fruits. And yes, time is also a bar.


Fruit Ninja
Plenty of games on this list impress with their depth, complexity, or innovation. “Fruit Ninja” ain’t one of them.
Fruits are healthy for us, and so for our top list of mobile games of all times.