Top 10 best Offline Smartphone Games!

5. Hunter Island

Anyone who’s ever played Pokemon will know the appeal of Hunter Island right away. In fact, calling this a Pokemon clone may be all it takes to convert a good number of readers. While there are dozens (possibly hundreds) of Pokemon clones on iOS, Hunter Island is unique in that it’s a paid game with no paid in-game currency. That means you can collect the over 350 monsters completely unhindered by annoying timers or paid currency. Though you can purchase gold, making it somewhat play to win, Hunter Island doesn’t participate in some of the more predatory tactics of crippling your gameplay experience if you don’t fork over the cash. If you loved catching Pokemon, give Hunter Island a try and see how many you can capture between takeoff and landing

4. Super Stickman Golf 3

The third installment of the infamous Super Stickman Golf series is back with another round of creative courses and new power-ups as you look to reach the hole in the least amount of strokes. I love the different elements and evolving gameplay, that will keep you entertained for hours. There are new modes added, but the only thing you’ll miss out on without an internet connection is the multiplayer feature.

3. FTL: Faster Than Light

One of the worst things about this game also happens to be one of the best: it is really, really hard. It also happens to be really random, which means it’s rare that two play-throughs are at all alike. After playing for about a dozen hours you’ll feel like you’ve just scratched the surface of FTL. All you’re really doing in FTL is going from point A to point B while shooting spaceships along the way. The variety occurs as you unlock different ships, recruit crew members, find new weapons, shields and drones, all of which is distributed along your journey randomly. You also only get one shot. If your ship blows up, you start over. This isn’t a game where you’ll play it in 10-minute increments. It’s a game you can sit down with for an hour and wonder where the time went. While FTL likely won’t provide you much cerebral relaxation, what it will do is kill six hours without batting an eye.