Top 10 best Offline Smartphone Games!

2. Batman- The Telltale Series

Perfect for road trips are the cinematic experiences by Telltale Games. Batman – The Telltale Series is their most recent release in partnership with DC Entertainment. The grit, dark environment, and violence sets the tone for a great evening soiree as you play in the role of Bruce Wayne. It’s an episodic adventure with many episodes on their way.

1. The Walking Dead- The Game

I’m somewhat conflicted about calling The Walking Dead a game. Its more like a choose your own adventure movie. Whatever it is, it’s amazingly compelling. The great thing about this game when it comes to playing on an airplane, is that it’s not mentally or physically demanding. You essentially watch the screen and occasionally click on a few highlighted options. If you’re looking to be entertained for long periods of time by a game that’s very easy but very compelling, get the Walking Dead: The Game as soon as you can.