10 Games with great storylines

7. Silent Hill 2

Silent Hill 2 is one of gaming’s brightest treasures. It’s scary as all hell, for one, and it has a great story to make it a memorable and integral part of gaming’s history.

Silent Hill 2 tells its intricate story on multiple levels. While its spoken narrative leaves you in little doubt about what kind of man James Sunderland is, the way you play and interact with the world also has a bearing. Spend the game at half health (or lower) for example, and you’ll get a different ending because your lack of regard for his health tells the game that you think James is suicidal.

Silent Hill 2

There is a sinister genius to the story-telling in Silent Hill 2. It starts off as a mysterious love story –James Sunderland is searching for his wife after receiving a letter from her one year after her death– and ends up as something far darker and more complex. Every disgusting creature in the game is a manifestation of James twisted psyche; physical representations of his sexual hang-ups and guilt.

Do we need to give you anymore to let to try this game?

6. The last of us

Where most tales of this type are made of good guys, bad guys, heroic challenges and redemptive resolutions, The Last of Us has none of these things. Instead, it has reality. A gaming masterpiece. The Last of Us doesn’t offer a convoluted plot full of twists and turns. It’s simply a tale about a despondent man reluctantly partnered with a young, vivacious girl in a post-apocalypse setting. But what sets The Last of Us apart from the rest is a story centered on its two leads. It grabs hold of your heart from the opening sequence and leaves you no choice but to invest in the characters in this poignantly realistic world. But even during the darkest times, the game lets its breathtaking settings instill a sense of hope amidst the chaos, juxtaposing the fall of society with the perpetual beauty of nature.

The last of us

Their story comes with no clean morality or neat solutions. But that is exactly why you’ll care, and ultimate be more affected by The Last of Us than any other action game. Epic, apocalyptic scenario, small, intimate human story. That’s why it works, and that’s why it will stay with you.

The banter between Joel and Ellie only increases in volume and meaning as the game progresses, strengthening a flawless story that leads to one of the best endings in gaming history and gives them the place in our top 10 list.

5. Bio Shock Infinite

 Bio Shock is another series that has garnered critical acclaim. The impossibly floating world of Columbia is a cutting critique on the perils of American exceptionalism, but Booker DeWitt is only after Elizabeth, the special girl he must abduct if he wants to be free from his debt. However, just as the Infinite in the title implies, the plot is far bigger than that. Infinite approaches so many important subjects–racism, socialism, colonialism but in the end it all comes back to the demons in Bookers past. Like monstrous Songbird and the comical Lutece twins, Bookers choices come back to haunt him again and again, but Elizabeth’s reality warping powers might finally give him the chance to make things right. BioShock was about choice, Infinite was about fate, and both gave us a lot to think about when they were over.

Bioshock Infinite

The gameplay reflects the game’s deep story with it’s elements taken from the likes of survival horror, first-person shooters, and RPGs.

BioShock had huge expectations after the creator Ken Levines  took gaming on a new level. And it met all the expectations perfectly.