10 Games with great storylines

4. Portal 2

We were worried at first that we’d seen all there was to see from Aperture, but that simply wasn’t true. Exploring the depths of the facility introduced us to new bits of lore, fleshing out the most important character in the series: the facility itself. Learning Aperture’s backstory and finding out about GLaDOS’s history was surprisingly touching. Chell’s story, too, ended up concluding well, turning the relatively quaint story of the original into a saga as epic as nearly any other.

All of the new characters added character to the world, from the curious Wheatley to the amazingly charismatic Cave Johnson.

Portal 2

It’s brilliant, minimalist narrative made it’s way to our hit list of video games with great story lines ever.

3. Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater

Metal Gear Solid is a series that spans several games. Its plot is convoluted and quite frankly makes almost no sense. And yet, that remains one of Metal Gear Solid’s best traits. It’s games have often been trailblazers when it comes to writing in games, but many of the franchises best scripts are complicated by copious twists and conspiracies.

Metal Gear Solid 3 sidesteps all that by going to the sagas start, which makes Snakes story far more personal this time around. . Its all built around the complex relationship of Naked Snake and Boss, one of the strongest we’ve seen in gaming, which we salute as proudly as Snake does in the ending of the game.

Metal Gear Solid 3

MGS3 still had the type of betrayals and shocking reveals you’d expect from a James Bond-infused, Cold War setting, but those moments worked on a human level. And the emotionally resonant script made room for some of the best boss characters and action set pieces MGS ever had.

2. Red Deed Redemption

It is a tale filled with betrayal, government corruption, self-reflection, and emotion. Protagonist John Marston is a man out of time. He wants a steady home life, but is pushed back into the saddle by government agents that hate his outlaw past. Marston has to hunt down his old posse of bandits, effectively killing off the last remnants of the era that defined him.

And its not just Marston and his former friends that have trouble transitioning into the 20th century. Over and over John meets individuals coming to terms with the end of the West, whether happily or through gritted teeth. Marston himself wants to leave his past behind despite being so good with his revolver, which makes him easier to connect with than every previous Rockstar hero. The ultimate question is: will the world allow him the happy ending he deserves?

Red Dead Redemption

We waited for what felt like an eternity for a Western video game boasting gun-slinging, horse-riding, and lasso-tying cowboys and outlaws. And boy, did Rockstar Games ever deliver with Red Dead Redemption?

Along with it’s story line and equally rewarding game play, it’s n the top 10 list.