10 Most Played Games (in terms of hours played)


Let’s be honest right up front: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided isn’t as long as its predecessor, Human Revolution, and it ends awfully abruptly. But ignore all that. The game still offers the iconic wide-open system-based gameplay the series is known for, and it’s utterly superb. (Well, except for that ending.) You’ll spend 20 or 30 hours slinking around Prague, or even more if you’re exploring every nook and cranny. And Mankind Divided’s augmentation system continues to offer customized gameplay that lends itself well to replayability, especially when mixed with the handful of crucial, story-altering plot points sprinkled throughout the adventure.

Dues Ex: Mankind Divided
The augmentations you choose help you tailor the gameplay to your chosen style: It’s possible to be a weapons expert, a hacker, a stealthy sneak, a smooth talker, or some combination of your choosing. You can even play as a pacifist, never killing a single enemy, with numerous endings available depending on your actions.


And this one beats out Overwatch by 30 million players. Hearthstone had more than 50 million players log in last month, which means more people play Hearthstone than the three games above combined. It is actually the most popular game to watch in the world of eSports, and since it has that distinction, its competitors get paid the most amount of money to play in eSports tournaments (sometimes millions of dollars).

Hearthstone was released by Blizzard just two years ago.
Another Blizzard game makes the list!


Call of Duty is another game series that’s been around for over a decade and gets releases on multiple platforms . Possibly the most famous online first-person shooter ever made.

Call of Duty
This is that one entry which isn’t classed as multiplayer only although people do tend to forget that has a single player campaigns. Such as the popularity of its online competitive mode. Now on to its 14 Federation the series his claim to 25 billion hours of players time and with the release of showing no signs of slowing down that number will likely continue to increase.