10 Most Played Games (in terms of hours played)


It has already been one and a half decade, since first Halo game launched. The Light of Day the series was one of the first console game to become famous for its online multiplayer element with over a decade of chart-topping games released .

It’s no wonder that the HALO Series finds its way onto this list and with Halo 5 coming out on the Xbox one this year expects the total play time of these games to keep on rising from its current 3 billion hours.


The two Guild Wars games and their expansions have clocked up an amazing 15 billion total hours of playtime .

Guild Wars
The first Guild Wars had over a decade of dedicated players spending time and it’s MMORPG World War II holds. The title of being the fastest selling and history and a half million copies shifted in four months .Today game total number of 7 million units with its long history and enduring popularity .


When GTA changed into the three dimensional version were familiar with today it became one of the most popular and iconic games on the planet having releases on multiple platforms really help to boost the total number of hours spent on them. But it’s series’ online multiplayer mode has catapulted its debts to 4 billion total hours and counting.

GTA Series
Most people recognize the Grand Theft Auto games has the 3D crime simulator that they’re notorious for being but the series first two incarnations were done in a top-down 2D style. These are also very popular and took a lot of time out of players lives.