10 Videogames That Created Revolution

4. Grand Theft Auto III

The top-selling game of 2001, “Grand Theft Auto III” was set in Liberty City, a thinly disguised version of New York City. Never before had we felt so much freedom in a game world. We could work our way through the non-linear story — or not. The game offered an unprecedented amount of side-missions, mini-games, and free play opportunities.

Not many games can claim to have spawned entire genres, buzzwords, and cultural phenomena. Grand Theft Auto III threw gamers into the sandbox and gave them the keys to a living city.

Many other “sandbox” games followed in the wake of GTAIII: Saint’s Row, Crackdown, True Crime, and Scarface, to name just a few. The driving aspects led to titles like The Getaway series and The Simpson’s Hit and Run. The term “GTA clone” is commonly used to describe the many titles that copy GTAIII’s open-ended game play and criminal scenario.

3. Spacewar

The first videogame ever was the brain child of Steve Russell, a computer programmer at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1962. The original video game, not made up of any sort of pre-existing videogame, came from MIT 1962. The game consists of two spaceships shooting each other, with a star at the centre, changing the game play; its gravity affecting anything that came near it, which can also be toggled.


All of these features make it the most important video game ever. By being perhaps the very first video game of all times.  Russell launched the multibillion- dollar videogame industry, but he never saw a dime from it.

2. Tetris

While America had launched the videogame industry in the early 70s, one man deep in Moscow’s Dorodnicyn Computing Centre was programming a little game called Tetris that would own the world.

While videogames surged in popularity during the 80s, they were still regarded as fancy “toys” for the younger generation. Tetris showed adults that there were high-minded challenges to be found in videogames just as in Solitaire or crossword puzzles.  Many of the benchmarks in puzzle gaming were built from Tetris’ foundation: Puyo Puyo, Dr. Mario, Puzzle Bobble/Bust-a-Move, Lumines,etc.

It also created the puzzle game genre — at least by modern standards. The concept of managing an endless and ever-increasing amount of shapes on a fixed screen was started by Tetris.

The granddaddy of all puzzle games, Tetris deserves a place in our top 10.