10 Videogames That Created Revolution

  1. Wolfenstein 3D

With Wolf 3D, PC gamers were introduced to a Nazi-hunting WWII storyline, surfaces with actual textures, a first-person gun-grasping hand, switchable weapons, ammunition counts and a host of other innovations that would become standard FPS fare in the years to come.

“Wolfenstein 3D” popularized so-called “first-person shooter” style of games–where the player explores a fantasy world from a first-person point of view, preferably with a large weapon in their hands. First-person shooters remain among the most popular of all games.

“Wolfenstein” was also revolutionary in that it was originally released as shareware, meaning people were encouraged to copy it and share it among friends. A small payment was requested if players elected to keep the game permanently.

Wolfenstein 3D was also instrumental in popularizing the shareware game distribution model, a practice that remained common – especially for first-person shooters – for years to come.