Top 5 Best Graphics Card in early 2017

There is no component that has a bigger direct impact on your gaming experience than your video card will. And, if you’re looking to build a gaming computer in 2017 and you want to really take your gaming experience to the next level, then you definitely need to make sure you get yourself a high-end Graphics Card.

PC gaming has come a very long way since the early days of blocky, 16-colour graphics. The latest games feature breath-taking cinematography, with atmospheric lighting and super-realistic physics effects. With the rise of quad-HD 4K displays, they also offer incredible detail – pushing as many pixels to your desktop as you’d see on a 50-foot cinema screen.

And the technology doesn’t stop there. Thanks to the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift headsets, VR gaming is a growing trend, opening the door to incredible first-person experiences that are more immersive than any movie.

A graphics card (or video card) basically acts like a second processor. However, the video card is only responsible for processing graphics-related tasks.

Therefore, having a high-end video card not only helps your system by improving the quality of visual effects that it can display, but also by relieving your main processor of the responsibility of having to carry out graphics-related tasks. This will give your computer a significant increase in performance.

Today we’ll look at the 5 best graphics cards for gaming.


5. Nvidia Titan X: The most powerful gaming card on the market, bar none

Graphics Card -Nvidia Titan X
Graphics Card -Nvidia Titan X

The Titan X Graphics Card isn’t for everyone. The price alone ensures that: you can buy a complete new gaming PC for less. It’s an exclusive design too, which has to be ordered directly from Nvidia. You won’t see this baby on the shelves in your local shop.

But, Titan X Pascal simply blazes past all of the other cards in performance. In benchmark tests, this thing clocks at least 20-25% better performance than most cards at 4k and nearly doubles its closest competition at 2k. Twelve… gigabytes. If you are investing in this caliber of hardware, you are certainly going to be well equipped for VR, as well. As with all other 10-series or higher Nvidia chips, the Titan X Pascal is compatible with G-sync enabled display devices. This added level of visual fidelity helps create the most immersive VR experiences by eliminating screen tearing and helping to curb VR related nausea.

4. Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070: A super-powerful card at a price that’s not entirely crazy

Graphics Card - Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070
Graphics Card – Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070

Nvidia’s GTX 1070 Graphics Card still outperforms the AMD cards, by a smaller margin. It does all of this while using 125watts less power than the R9 card making it one of the most energy efficient GPUs available. It seems 8GB of GDDR5 memory is becoming the standard for high-end Nvidia graphics processors and the 1070 is no different. The GTX is definitely a solid choice for those wanting to get the best performance with a card that won’t break the bank.